thumbnailOur LLC program uses the We Can Early Childhood Curriculum, as a core comprehensive program that incorporates teaching and practice across all ten early childhood domains. Our curriculum is included on the Texas PreK Adoption List and it is used in numerous school systems in the State as well as nationally in other states. (Read more about our curriculum by reviewing information provided by the Texas Education Agency, www.tea.state.tx.us and www.voyagerlearning.com).

We Can emphasizes vocabulary word knowledge and the development of oral language so children can express their thoughts and ideas. Our language enrichment includes activities in three languages: English, Spanish, and American Sign Language (ASL). We use ASL to make learning more interactive and engaging. Children communicate using spoken words and gestures to appreciate multilingual learning!

Our curriculum includes a skills scope and sequence developed from research and best practices and aligned to all state standards. The content and skills are presented in thematic units that contain daily lessons plans. The content is presented in an ascending order, from easy to difficult, so that learning makes sense to children. Prerequisite skills are modeled and taught and practiced so children have the information necessary to comprehend more challenging content as they progress through the year.

Our thematic units are sequentially developed to provide continual review and practice using formerly learned concepts and vocabulary. Each unit is comprehensive; meaning it includes instructional information and suggestions for practice activities for vocabulary development, listening comprehension, phonological and phonemic awareness, oral language, and literacy (informational and literature). We Can also includes activities to develop interests and skills in fine arts (author studies, music, poetry, and creative dramatic play). Teachers involve activities in physical development to foster large and fine motor skills.

However, the strongest features of our curriculum include language and literacy development, early reading skills and early numeracy and science instruction and pre-writing practice. Teachers use whole class and small group activities incorporating a combination of teacher-directed and child-directed experiences. Children participate in collaborative practice activities that extend their learning. They are encouraged to choose learning centers or workstations.

Our instructional purpose is to teach children how to learn, not just what to learn. Our curriculum, teaching and learning experiences are evidence-based, proven effective incorporating research and best practices for what works with young learners. Specific emphasis is placed on organizational thinking and planning, independent decision making and self-regulation, learning to assume personal responsibility and accountability.

To learn more about our LLC curriculum, the We Can Early Childhood Curriculum, please visit http://www.voyagerlearning.com/wecan/index.jsp.