thumbnailWe use a behavioral management program developed by Dr. Gibson that is called Two Choice Discipline. It involves language formats, or ways of speaking positively and proactively to offer choices to children and encourage decision-making. Teachers may say, “You have two choices. You may choose ___ (teacher names a choice of where to work or play) or you may choose ___ (teacher names a second choice option). Make a good choice now please.” Children think about the options and make a choice. They are held accountable for that choice and the responsibilities for materials involved in their activity.

Communicating choices in this manner helps children learn to reduce options and make responsible, timely decisions. It also helps children learn that consequences are often directly linked to their choices. Speaking proactively helps teachers communicate respectfully using appropriate word choices and voice tones. Dr. Gibson has written several books about Two Choice Discipline and managing behaviors. For more information, go to or McGraw Hill School Education Group,