I was eighteen years old when I walked through the doors of The Education Station, now operated as Longmire Learning Center. I was fresh out of High School and did not know what to expect. It was my first job ever! Some people believe in luck but I believe it was a part of my destiny.

Fast forward to today, over 21 years later, and I realize now it was one of the greater stepping stones in my life. I’ve learned that children are these amazing gifted human beings that must be nurtured to bring forth their gifts. I have the most awesome job of laying the foundation of a love of learning in young children. Getting to watch them mature and grow in knowledge and social skills excites me. To see children grow confident and competent is a fulfilling part of my job. All the time invested in Longmire has helped me sharpen my skills as I constantly learn new things.

Having five children of my own that have all attended Longmire Learning Center has been wonderful. They have all gone on to be successful in the public school system. They are great athletes, avid readers and excel academically.

I believe in the program at Longmire Learning Center and will always be grateful for the head start it has given my children.

Avian Mosley

My daughter has attended Longmire Learning Center since August 2009. It comforts me to know that each day my child is able to grow and learn in a place where she is loved. I know how fortunate I have been to have such a wonderful place for my child to spend her day and

it is a comfort beyond measure to know my child is safe, happy and learning while I am working.

Longmire Learning Center keeps parents well-informed through emails, text messages and letters to parents and teachers are always available to discuss issues or questions parents may have. My daughter truly enjoys attending Longmire and has loved and bonded with each of her teachers. They have cared for her and watched over her as if she were one of their own. When children move up to their next class, they don’t lose their old teacher, they just add to the number of people looking out for them. Longmire is a tight-knit community that works to the benefit of all children who attend the school.

Children are given the tools and opportunity to grow academically and socially through the work they do at Longmire. The friends my daughter has made, paired with the activities and knowledge she has obtained confirm for me each day that she is in the right place.

I have encouraged several of my friends to send their children to Longmire Learning Center, and each of them has thanked me repeatedly for my suggestion because their children are also benefiting from the quality childcare offered.

I have been blessed to know the owner since the early 1990’s and trust her family completely. They are dependable, loving, compassionate people and share the same values as my family does; which only strengthens my belief that Longmire Learning Center is the only place I could imagine my daughter attending.

Rebecca Dominy

We have been clients of Longmire Learning Center since 2004. Both of our kids have attended LLC and loved it!

We have been very pleased with the staff and care that LLC provides

and have seen how well they prepared our kids for school. We highly recommend Longmire Learning Center!

Chris and Tracy Perkins

I like Longmire Learning Center because it’s a safe and loving environment to leave your child. The directors and teachers are very friendly and make it their goal to get to know each child and their family. The best thing about Longmire Learning Center is that

they have a very low teacher turnover rate and they provide an excellent curriculum that will prepare your little one for their next journey in life,

elementary school.

Anetra Bowie

My oldest son has attended Longmire Learning Center for almost 3 years and my younger son will start as soon as he turns two next year. Our experience has been nothing but positive. The teachers are consistent with both discipline and lesson plans and when I pick up my son each afternoon they have always taken the time to talk to me about how his day has been. Every teacher there has encouraged my son and helped him do his best.

Not only is it a great learning environment, but he has fun every day.

I have and will continue to recommend Longmire Learning Center to every parent I know.

Lacy Basile

Longmire Learning Center is a special place. The staff is so unique. At other places the staff has a job or is babysitting. The staff at Longmire is on a career path in childcare development. They treat your child’s intellectual, social and emotional development seriously and strive to challenge them with new strategies and ideas. They want to do more than watch or babysit your kids. They see themselves as the first link in educating and motivating your children to be exceptional members in our community. It is truly a family style atmosphere with little staff turnover.

We have chosen Longmire for our four children because of the amazing people, challenging curriculum and safe caring environment that it provides.

Gerry & Monica Brown

We like Longmire Learning Center for so many reasons but I think one thing that stands out the most is that it is truly a Learning Center not just a daycare.

The staff at LLC loves what they do and it shows!

Sara & Chris Urban

Longmire Learning Center has without a doubt changed both my son and my life in the most unexpected and positive ways. Since beginning LLC, the way we view going to school has completely changed.

My son no longer rebels against going to school; instead, he can’t wait to go see his teachers and friends.

The rapport, guidance and support we receive from both staff and teachers is phenomenal – whether it be in regards to potty training, transitioning classrooms or working through a particular developmental or behavioral stage. As a full time single working mother LLC is my co-parent and having tried other daycares/schools I can absolutely say without a doubt, Longmire Learning Center is the best in the Brazos valley. My son and I count ourselves lucky to be part of the LLC family.

Trisha Sheridan

Being a doctoral student for the College of Education at A&M and having taught for several years I know the importance of giving children a great education foundation. I know this education begins when the child is born. It has the potential to positively or negatively affect them for a lifetime. With that in mind I didn’t want just anyone watching my two children.
If I couldn’t watch them and give them the educational foundation they needed in order to become lifelong learners, I wanted to make sure it was someone who understood the impact they could make on my child’s life. I searched high and low for a preschool that was teaching children using research based techniques, teaching them skills that elementary school would be able to build on, and loving them all at the same time.
My husband’s friend told me about Longmire Learning Center and I had to check it out. LLC is a place where the teachers greet my children with a smile everyday and the educational skills are based on years of effective research. The strategies these wonderful teachers are teaching our children begin with the simplest of things in order for the children to have a sturdy foundation so they are able to excel in reading, writing and math.
As a former kindergarten teacher, I would have loved to have children from Longmire in my class. It is a huge advantage for the children and

a pleasant surprise for their future teachers to have already learned the foundational skills for centers, letter recognition, and writing.

For my children, the small group learning and one on one attention they receive at the teaching table have paved the way for many years of success in schools.
The staff at Longmire loves what they do and loves the children like they are their own. I can’t imagine having my children anywhere else.

Shannon Grant