Our Staff

  • Amie McCoy

    Amie McCoy


    The current owner of Longmire Learning Center is Amie McCoy. She and her husband purchased LLC from Dr. Vicki Gibson in 2008 after a long relationship with her, the staff and school business. Amie’s husband George is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is a Partner at the CPA firm Siedel, Schroeder & Company. He worked closely with Dr. Gibson for many years and has always appreciated the services Longmire Learning Center provides for parents.  Amie is a graduate from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology. Through years of research and “real life” training Amie understands the importance that a child’s early years play in the development of their future self. Her research while at Texas A&M University focused on informal learning and she knows how effective it is for children to have the opportunity to discover, self regulate and play.

    Amie and George have three children, Jaxson, Natalia and Sophia, and it was the birth of their first son that encouraged them to become interested in early childhood education and to eventually become the proud owners of Longmire Learning Center. They both know how vital the program and staff is to the success of Longmire and it is their goal to maintain and enhance the excellence that began with Dr. Gibson.

  • Linda Thompson

    Linda Thompson


    Ms. Linda Thompson and Dr. Gibson became a teaching team more than 25 years ago. They quickly became known in the Bryan Independent School District for their successful achievements working with young children at risk. When Dr. Gibson opened her first school in 1984, she recruited Ms. Linda to teach classes and help direct activities. Ms. Linda has been teaching and training or managing staff with Dr. Gibson for many years. Today Linda is the very competent and experienced Director of Longmire Learning Center. Ms. Linda has twin girls who grew up in Longmire and worked there during college. Monica and Monique graduated from Texas A&M University with honors in May 2008.

  • Vicki L. Gibson, Ph.D.

    Vicki L. Gibson, Ph.D.

    Curriculum Director

    Vicki Gibson, Ph.D., is a national educational consultant, author and speaker. Her areas of specialization include behavioral and classroom management, reading, differentiating teaching and practice to improve instructional effectiveness and enhance student achievement, and early childhood education.

    Dr. Gibson entered her educational career as a kindergarten teacher. Then she completed a Masters degree and continued working in public schools as a learning disability specialist for 10 years. From 1984-1996, she opened three private schools that serves children, ages preschool-12 years. She also directed the development of a fourth school in Dallas, Texas that serves children in preschool-middle school. During that same timeframe, Dr. Gibson completed her Ph.D. while teaching as an adjunct professor at Texas A&M University.

    Currently, Dr. Gibson continues to teach, write and consult. She is the Chairman/CEO for Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates, an educational consulting group that provides on-site professional development, technology-supported trainings, and develops materials for educators to conduct instructional training at the college, school and state levels.

    Dr. Gibson is an author of Treasures, a comprehensive reading program published by McGraw Hill, and a professional development author/trainer for McGraw Hill’s Center for Comprehensive School Improvement (CCSI). She also authored a comprehensive preschool program entitled the We Can Early Childhood Curriculum, published by Voyager Learning.

    Other materials authored by Dr. Gibson include: Differentiated Instruction: Grouping for Success; Differentiated Instruction: Guidelines for Implementation; Differentiating Teaching and Practice in Middle and High Schools; Managing Small Group Instruction; Classroom Management for Preschools; Managing Behaviors to Support Differentiating Instruction; and I Can Draw Pre-Writing Program and Letters, Sounds & Strokes Phonics Program.

Our Staff

  • Ms. Barbie

    Ms. Barbie

    Two Year Old Teacher

    Ms. Barbie began her career at Longmire Learning Center in 1999 teaching the Two Year Old Class. She then began caring for children at her home for a few years in order to spend more time with her family. Ms. Barbie returned in 2009 and taught the Old Four/Young Five Year Olds in Building 2 and absolutely loved preparing her children for the next step, kindergarten! She has now returned to her passion of teaching 2 year olds and all the fun they bring! Ms. Barbie is happily married and has two children, Mark and Victoria.

  • Ms. Bettie

    Ms. Bettie

    Three Year Old Teacher

    Ms. Bettie is a pro working with the Three Year Olds at Longmire Learning Center. She has been with LLC since 2011, and spent over 10 years working with children before joining the LLC staff. She is a proud wife, mother and grandmother. Ms. Bettie also enjoys getting to spend her day teaching alongside her sister, Ms. Connie!

  • Ms. Connie

    Ms. Connie

    Old Two/Young Three Year Old Teacher

    Ms. Connie is a seasoned teacher at Longmire Learning Center who began working with us in 1999. She teaches the Old Two/Young Three Year Old Class and loves it! She has one daughter named Courtney who previously worked at Longmire Learning Center and a granddaughter named Phoenix. Ms. Connie has always worked in environments that provide for people and she loves working with and helping her children at Longmire Learning Center.

  • Ms. Dora

    Ms. Dora

    TA – Building I & II

    Ms. Dora is a Teaching Assistant for Building 1 and 2. She is a proud mother of four and has seven grandchildren. Ms. Dora spent over 15 years working in the medical field in Lufkin, Texas before she moved to College Station and began working at Longmire Learning Center in 2010. She enjoys working with the staff and children and considers the Longmire kids part of her family!

  • Ms. Monica

    Ms. Monica

    Four Year Old Teacher

    Ms. Monica R. began as a Teaching Assistant at Longmire Learning Center in 2001 and now teaches our Four Year Olds. Ms. Monica R. feels that this is such a fabulous program for kids, families and staff and she loves what she does. She is happily married and has two daughters named Brianna and Clarissa, and a son, David. All of her children have attended Longmire Learning Center.

  • Ms. Stephanie

    Ms. Stephanie

    Five Year Old Teacher

    Ms. Stephanie has taught the Five Year Old Class at Longmire Learning Center since 2008. She is happily married and has two sons; Brian and Andre’. She also has two beautiful granddaughters, Layla and A’Niya, that bring her much joy. She has worked in the childcare field for over 20 years, holding the positions of Director, Assistant Director and Lead Teacher. She has an Associates Degree in Child Development and is currently pursuing a degree in Education from Sam Houston State University.

  • Ms. Melissa

    Ms. Melissa

    Five Year Old Teacher

    Ms. Melissa began her career at Longmire Learning Center in 1999 teaching Four Year Olds. In 2010 she became a full time student at Texas A&M University to finish her degree and become a certified teacher. Ms. Melissa returned to LLC in the Spring of 2013 to begin teaching the Five Year Old Class in Building 2. She is currently working on her masters at Texas A&M University and is excited to use her teaching skills here at LLC!

  • Ms. Charlotte

    Ms. Charlotte

    Young Two Year Old Teacher

    Ms. Charlotte is the young two year old teacher at LLC, joining us in the summer of 2014. She has many years of experience with young children and loves watching the children learn and grow during their early toddler years. Ms. Charlotte holds an Early Education Certificate from Blinn College and is a proud wife and mother of three. She brings lots of joy, patience and happiness to the young two year old class. We love having her as part of our team!

  • Ms. Amberly

    Ms. Amberly

    Ms. Amberly began working at Longmire Learning Center as a summer aid in 2014.  She worked each summer while attending Navasota High School and joined us full time after her graduation in May 2016.  She will begin attending Blinn College in fall 2016 while working part time at LLC.  The kids love having fun time with Ms. Amberly!

  • Ms. Terrika

    Ms. Terrika

    Ms. Terrika joined Longmire Learning Center in the fall of 2014 after her graduation from Prairie View A&M.  She does whatever is needed from office work to helping in the kitchen to being a substitute teacher during absences and vacations.  She is the proud mother of one daughter, Londyn.

  • Ms. Jennifer


    Ms. Jennifer first worked at Longmire Learning Center in 2013 before moving to Louisiana and starting her family. She is the proud mother of two children, Reily and Mason. We are excited for her return in 2017 as a teacher in the three year old class. She brings a love of children and teaching to the classroom!

  • Ms. Courtney


    Ms. Courtney first worked at Longmire Learning Center in 1999 as a teacher aid. She returned in 2015 to be the four year old teacher. She is the proud mother of one daughter, Phoenix. Ms. Courtney is very creative in the classroom and loves creating new projects to help the children on their learning journey.