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Parent Reminders

  1. No prorations in child care payments due to vacations or early withdrawal during a month, please.
  2. Please do not send sippy cups to LLC. Send drinks in disposable containers or a plastic thermos with your child’s lunch kit.
  3. Do not park in the driveway between 7:15-8:15 & 4:45-5:45. Please park in the parking spaces and come inside.
  4. No lunch kits in the refrigerator. Please place ice packs in your child’s lunch to keep it cool until it needs to be warmed.

Special Programs

Extra Courses Offered

Brazos Valley Gymnastics
Longmire Learning Center. in conjunction with Brazos Valley Gymnastics.
offers a program that will assist your child in developing the balance and
coordination skills necessary for future success in a variety of sport
activities. Classes are taught in a structured and organized manner and
are designed to be fun while learning good gymnastics skills and overall
physical fitness. Classes are held on Thursday mornings from 9:30-10:15
am at Brazos Valley Gymnastics. LLC trans ports the children to and from
class. and a staff member stays with them at all times. The cost is $47.00
per month payable to Brazos Valley Gymnastics.

Opus One Music

Opus 0ne’s classes are held once a week at Longmire Learning Center.
There is a fee payable to Opus One Music for each semester. The 30
minute classes provide children an enriching music experience that
reinforces positive behavior. builds self esteem. strengthens cooperative
spirit. and develops the fundamental auditory and rhythmic skills required to
stimulate development. Visit http://opusonekids.corn/Home.htmI for more


The Stretch-N-G row program is designed to promote exercise and
wellness for preschool and early elementary-aged children. It assists
parents and child care providers in developing good health and fitness
habits in young children. The program is taught at child care facilities by our
well trained Stretch-N-G row coaches. Stretch-N-G row Stars participate in
weekly sessions. which include exercise. activities and discussions on
health and related issues such as nutrition. hygiene. and safety. Stars have
tons of fun while they learn to enjoy exercise and build good habits.
Classes are held at Longmire Learning Center on Friday mornings
beginning at 8:45 am. Cost depends on start date. visit http://abc.ezriettools.netlD300006/X381135firx1ex.html for more information.

Show and Tell Fridays

Each child is encouraged to choose one object to share with other children. No items that encourage violence may be sent (toy guns, swords, figurines which represent violent programs on TV). Show and Tell items need to be placed in a grocery bag labeled with your child’s name. Books, movies, and tapes may be sent anytime!