How may my child attend LLC?

Once your child turns 2 attending Longmire is easy! Just complete the waiting list application and pay the $100 deposit. Your child will be placed on our waiting list and given the next available space. Your deposit is refunded on the first month of tuition. We recommend that you put your child on the waiting list at least one year in advance of when you would like them to attend.

Must my child must be potty trained to attend?

Your child may attend Longmire even if they are not potty trained. During the first two weeks of attendance they will be allowed to wear pull ups while we potty train.

Do you provide lunch?

No, we provide a morning and afternoon snack and parents send a healthy lunch. Heat ups are allowed.

Is there anything I may not send in my child’s lunch?

Peanut products are not allowed. Healthy alternatives include almond butter and cashew butter. Parents are always encouraged to send a healthy, well balanced lunch.

What paperwork must be on file for my child?

We must have a registration form, immunization and health form, parent and school agreement, two choice discipline agreement and van card. All forms must be on file when your child begins.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the first day of each month.

How can I pay tuition?

Cash, check, money order or bank draft.

Do you prorate tuition for holidays and vacations?

There is no proration in payments for excessive absences, holidays, illnesses, vacation or early withdrawal.

What are the operating hours at LLC?

We are open Monday to Friday from 7:15am-5:45pm. A late fee is assessed after 5:45pm at $1.00/minute.

Can you administer medication?

Yes, a completed medical form giving permission must be given to the front office. All medication, prescription or over the counter, must be sent in the original container with the child’s name on the label.

Are there any items my child may not bring to school?

Avoid sending sippy cups, pacifiers, blankets or toys to school with your child. We have show and tell every Friday. Books are always welcome!

Do you have a dress code?

No, but please do not send your child to school in hats, boots, jewelry, flip-flops, sandals that go between the toes, belts or any clothing that restricts easy movements or creates safety risks.

What if my child becomes ill while at school?

In the event your child is sick a member of our staff will notify the parent or legal guardian immediately.

Do you have any extra activities?

Yes, we have Opus One Music classes, Stretch-N-Grow, American Sign Language, swim lessons during summer sessions and we partner with Brazos Valley Gymnastics to offer gymnastics.

Can my child celebrate their birthday at LLC?

Yes, parents may provide lunch and/or cake for their child’s class. No balloons or candles are allowed.

How do you communicate with parents?

We send home a monthly class newsletter and school calendar. In the event your child’s teacher feels something needs to be brought to the attention of the parents the teacher will call and schedule a conference. In an emergency (fire, loss of electricity, etc.) parents are sent a text message alerting them to the situation.

What is the monthly tuition?

Beginning Aug. 1, 2016 new rate schedule is $675 for full time and $1300 for 2 children

Do you have an emergency plan for fire or other emergencies?

Yes. We have Emergency Response Guidelines that the staff follows in an emergency. Parents are notified of emergency situations via text message. Once a month we practice a fire drill and four times per year we have a severe weather drill so everyone knows what to do and where to go.