thumbnailThe LLC classroom management system has been included in numerous journal publications, college textbooks, training manuals, and online course content for professional development. These products are sold and distributed nationally by Voyager Learning, www.voyagerlearning.com, and McGraw Hill Education, www.mhpdonline.org, and also, by Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates, www.gha-pd.com, the consulting company owned by Dr. Gibson and her colleague and friend, Dr. Jan Hasbrouck.

Our classroom management system is probably the most famous and successful component. Basically we use “what works with kids” to incorporate reasonable expectations, flexibility and clear communications. Our management system provides a structure that creates systematic order. The predictable safety created by the pre-taught routines and procedures allows children (and parents) to understand what to do and how to perform. Our consistency supports environmental and behavioral management, allowing everyone to participate successfully.

This unique supportive environment is something everyone notices when visiting or attending our preschool. Visitors are amazed and often they comment about the wonderful atmosphere and visible ways that children cooperate and manage themselves. They are impressed that no rules are posted and no card system is imposed…because they are not needed!

The staff relies on consistent routines and procedures and some basic teaching tools to create orderly, interactive rotations amongst preplanned activities. Children participate at a teaching table for small group instruction. They choose and attend learning centers for collaborative learning and play. Some children may be working at a worktable where they participate in small group practice activities. Multiple activities are happening simultaneously and yet, every child is on task, enjoying their activity.

We use flexible grouping and appropriate time periods that keep children actively involved, moving, talking, planning, and participating. Expectations are clearly taught, modeled and practiced to encourage self-regulation. Children are fully informed and very capable of managing their own choices and behaviors. Basically, we control the environment and our children control themselves within the environment.