thumbnailConstant and clear communications are essential when we care for children and families. Our staff members develop personal relationships with parents and caregivers, and every child at LLC. They share information and communicate in many ways, using personal conversations, our website that contains a monthly event calendar, and printed newsletters that families receive each month. We speak daily with most parents as they bring children to school or pick them up later in the day. Parents are welcome in our school anytime without appointments but they do have to check in at the front desk (a safety feature at LLC that is mandated by state law). We also have email and telephone access for your convenience.

Two newsletters are sent home each month. One newsletter sent home contains general information about the curriculum focus and a monthly calendar of school events. The second newsletter is specifically created by each class with information about what the children are working on, class birthdays and general reminders. Children suggest ideas and help develop the content and then complete the artwork. This can be very interesting and entertaining!

We have found that working together as a team creates quality and it has developed our outstanding reputation for excellence. Shared communication is the foundation for our successful relationships with our staff, the children we care for, and their families.

We are excited to share our program with you. Please come by for a visit at anytime, and no appointments are necessary. However, if you want personal attention to address your specific needs, please call to ensure that one of our staff will be available to be responsive.

Our staff and the children at LLC enjoy opportunities to demonstrate what can be done to enhance learning and prepare children for personal and academic success. Also, we like meeting new friends and families! Come and see “what works with kids” at Longmire Learning Center!